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Getting Scholdoc

Scholdoc is written in Haskell and must be compiled to native binary executables before running. Below you can find the latest pre-compiled binaries for various operating systems.

Some of the distributions may be more tested than others. If a particular executable do not work for your platform (but you think it should), feel free to file a bug on the project GitHub page.

Due to resource limitations, pre-built Scholdoc is currently only targeting x86_64 architecture on the following platforms. If you feel that 32-bit architecture or some particular platform is important to you, we welcome offers to help provide alternative builds.

Windows (Vista or later)

An installer for Windows is available for download here

OS X (10.7 or later)

On OS X, the easiest way to obtain Scholdoc is from the official Homebrew tap. First make sure you have Homebrew set-up correctly on your system, and that running brew doctor gives you no serious warnings. After that, run the following:

brew tap timtylin/scholdoc
brew update
brew install scholdoc scholdoc-citeproc

To upgrade to the latest release, just run

brew update
brew upgrade scholdoc scholdoc-citeproc


A generic x86_64 binary build for Linux is supplied here. This version links dynamically against GMP version 5, which is typically named libgmp.so.10 on most machines. Building was done on a Ubuntu 14.04 machine, although most modern distros should work if GMP 5 exists in the linking path.